Ballooning Over Vermont

About Us

We are Vermont’s most complete and well rounded commercial ballooning company offering a variety of flights, tethered services, and impressive advertising opportunities.

Ballooning in Vermont

We currently operate several balloons in our fleet ranging in size from 4 passenger capacity all the way up to our largest balloon which comfortably accommodates 14 people plus the pilot. These balloons and their respective baskets are sized accordingly to properly and safely carry the passengers scheduled on a given day. Many people are (incorrectly) concerned that we fly 14 people in the same sized balloon that we fly 4 people in - this is NOT the case.

During any of our balloon flights you will discover all the spectacular sights that Vermont has to offer. No two flights are alike but on a "typical flight" we'll drift over the rolling foothills of the stoic Green Mountains with the sparkling shores of Lake Champlain and the majestic Adirondacks in view to the west. Make sure to keep a watchful eye for such animals as White Tailed deer, Grey Hawks, busy beavers, Blue Herons, black bears, wild turkeys, and the ever elusive moose. We might catch a glimpse of our colorful reflection in a still mountain stream or pond.

Landings can bring us to a variety of destinations including but not limited to: backyard BBQs, cow pastures, city streets, neighborhood cul-de-sacs, open parking lots, or even the taxi way at Burlington International Airport (don't worry we're in contact with the control tower AND get proper clearance before landing).

Some of our flights have concluded with personal tours of working Vermont farmhouses, being greeted by a playground full of amazed school children, and even being invited onto a porch to drink our champagne out of the land owner's finest crystal.

Above Reality Inc. is based in the Champlain Valley but will fly in other locations throughout the state.